A Big Thank You For Your GlobalGiving Help

A Big Thank You To Your GlobalGiving Help
By Allegra Bundy, Marketing and Communications Intern

As the new year begins, we would like to take the time to thank all our supporters and donors who have helped us achieve our goals through GlobalGiving.

Our partnership with GlobalGiving has allowed us to connect with donors and companies around the world to help us support our women artisans. Their help has brought us closer to achieving our funding goals on our two current projects: Empowering Women Through Design In Rural Peru and Capacity-building for rural women artisans in Peru. Both of these projects strive to enable us to pursue our bigger goal, promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable business so that women can grow indepent and bring prosperity to their lives.

This past year, we were able to raise $5,638 through the fundraising platform. These donations are empowering nine dedicated and passionate women cooperatives throughout the Sacred Valley, for a total of 180 artisans. GlobalGiving has helped us increase our donations by providing us with seasonal campaigns, special days dedicated to matching donations and bonus prizes. We are happy to have brought 80 new donors to the GlobalGiving community this year and we are hopeful for many others to join in 2019.

The recurring monthly donations have been a great support and contribution to our community. Our four recurring donors have contributed a total of $720 this year, making them about eight times more valuable to us as we are able to plan for incoming donations throughout the year. Monthly donors provide us with a reliable source of income and allow us to thoroughly develop programs and partnerships.

This year marks Awamaki’s tenth anniversary as a registered non-profit and we are hoping to accomplish many new projects to celebrate it. We want to expand our artisans and tourism partners this year and work with even more women and communities as our reach is ready to grow. We are looking forward to a year of achievements and more success stories like that of the Songuillay Cooperative. Songuillay finished 2018 with a bang by becoming only our second graduates, joining the alumni club with Rumira.

Donor support makes organization-wide accomplishments like this possible. Now, operating their cooperative as an independent business of their own we’ve seen their great success. They’ve gained many clients of their own and continue to put to use the skills they gained training with Awamaki. We continue working so that other cooperatives can join them in this feat.

We would like to thank all of you for your participation on GlobalGiving in 2018 and encourage you to continue investing in women’s skills and opportunities in 2019. Your gift is what makes the work we do, and will greatly support our expansion. Thank you!

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About Awamaki

Awamaki is a nonprofit fair trade social enterprise dedicated to connecting Andean artisan weavers with global markets. We collaborate with women artisans to support their efforts towards educational and financial independence by co-creating beautifully handcrafted knit and woven accessories using hertiage techniques.