Awamaki is a Non-profit Social Enterprise

Awamaki was formed in early 2009 to support a cooperative of 10 women weavers from Patacancha, a rural Quechua community in the Andes of Peru. Awamaki’s founders, Kennedy Leavens, from the U.S., and Miguel Galdo, from Peru, had worked together at Awamaki’s predecessor organization with the weaving cooperative for two years. When the predecessor organization floundered and finally collapsed, Miguel and Kennedy formed Awamaki to continue their work with the weavers. The organization grew rapidly to include programs in health and education, as well as other artisan cooperatives and a sustainable tourism program. In 2011, Awamaki spun its health program off into an independent sister organization, and made the strategic decision to focus on income improvement and market access through fair trade artisan cooperatives and sustainable tourism.

Leadership Team

Kennedy Leavens

Executive Director

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

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Yovana Candela Munares

Operations Director

Hometown: Lima, Peru

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Mercedes Durand Zamalloa

Heads of Women's Artisan Cooperatives

Hometown: Urubamba, Peru

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Mandish Kalsi

Sales Coordinator

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

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Martha Zuniga

Production Coordinator

Hometown: Rumira, Peru

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Melissa Tola

Sustainable Tourism Coordinator

Hometown: Lima, Peru

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Alejandra Carrillo-Muñoz

Head Designer

Hometown: Jalisco, Mexico

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Artisan Partners

We partner with 8 women-led Andean artisan cooperatives. Our artisan partners use generational knowledge to create each of our collections and help develop the program we offer.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board