Awamaki Production Coordinator: Martha Zuniga

Martha Zuniga

Production Coordinator


Hometown: Rumira, Peru

Martha grew up in the community of Rumira, and was a member artisan in one of the cooperatives that we work with for spinning and knitting. She first joined Awamaki about four years ago after hearing about the job opening from two other women who worked directly with us for custom orders. She had previously been working with Awamaki as a knitter and spinner through the Rumira cooperative but is now our Production Coordinator. Martha and her family still live in Rumira, a place that she describes as peaceful and where she can tend to her plants. She is an avid plant-lover and loves to grow flowers in her home.

Favorite Peruvian Dish or Meal: Chiriuchu

Favorite Place to Visit in Peru: Ollantaytambo, Peru

What they love about Awamaki: Being with the women.

About Awamaki

Awamaki is a nonprofit fair trade social enterprise dedicated to connecting Andean artisan weavers with global markets. We collaborate with women artisans to support their efforts towards educational and financial independence by co-creating beautifully handcrafted knit and woven accessories using hertiage techniques.