Reflections and Resolutions with Songuillay

Check out the 2016 reflections and 2017 resolutions of Elena, Albertina, Estefania, and Placida below!


Elena Mamani Quispe

Looking back, Elena thinks that 2016 was a success because Songuillay bettered itself as an organization. The group implemented a new tourism rotation schedule, worked on group unity, and improved their punctuality with weaving orders. She feels that overall the group became more responsible for their work with tours and weaving.


Next year, Elena hopes that Songuillay continues to improve. Specifically, she wants the group to improve their hospitality for tourists in the areas of food, housing, punctuality, and responsibility. She knows that they are on their way to becoming a well-organized group if they continue to move forward with determination.


For her personal goals, Elena wants her children to continue in their studies. She is thankful that income she receives from weaving allows her to better the educational opportunities available to her family. As a leader in her community, Elena also aims to unite her community with her cooperative in joint efforts.



Albertina Yupanqui Cjuro

For 2016, Albertina’s biggest take-away was the increased punctuality of the Songuillay group. They worked better together as a team to improve the quality and timing of their weaving orders. In tourism, the group learned many things in workshops, and Albertina is personally learning a bit more Spanish to help her in her leadership role as treasurer and financial manager.


With the new year in mind, Albertina hopes that the group can improve the delivery of textiles as well as punctuality and organization for tours. She also wants them to adjust their tourism and weaving center so that it’s ready for a busy year.


Personally, Albertina hopes that in 2017 her children will continue with their education and studies. She also wants them to be good people! She has taken it upon herself to be a good leader, so she plans to attend all group meetings and present new ideas that could advance the cooperative.



Estefania Machaca Riquelme

Estefania saw increases in the number of tours and weaving orders that the group received in 2016. Because of this, she contributed economically to her family, something that made both her and her husband happy.


Next year, Estefania believes that the Songuillay leadership team will improve their confidence and punctuality for orders. The group will also work on improving tourism services through beautification and comfort. Estefania thinks tourism will be improved if the group builds a secure structure to store supplies for tours. It will also mean that they don’t have to transport everything from home.


For her family, Estefania wants understanding and communication between all members. She also wants her children to continue studying. For her community, she wants to make things better by supporting community leaders and listening to others’ ideas.




Placida Mamani Quispe

Placida was proud that in 2016 Songuillay was able to find and establish ownership over a piece of land and build their weaving center. In 2017, she wants everyone to work together with the president to better the organization of the group. She hopes that there will be more orders for weavings and an increase in tourists who want to visit their community.


2017 is also the year that Placida wants to build rooms to host tourists in her home and improve how she hosts them. Placida also wants to work with her neighbors to improve community tourism, which will in turn increase the economic support of everyone’s family.

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