TripAdvisor Names Machu Picchu World’s Top Landmark

By Eryn Ratcliffe, Marketing and Education Volunteer

In June, TripAdvisor released a list of the world’s ten top landmarks as reviewed by their users, and ranked number one on the list: Machu Picchu! Every year, nearly half a million tourists come through Ollantaytambo to travel to Machu Picchu, the fifteenth-century Inca site. Awamaki’s Sustainable Tourism project works to encourage these tourists to choose meaningful cultural interactions that, improve the well-being of the community. By providing homestays, Quechua community visits, and artisanal workshops, Awamaki helps ensure that the tourist economy benefits rural women and their families. So thank you, TripAdvisor, for boasting Peru’s awe-inspiring sites—and helping us continue to expand our Sustainable Tourism project!

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About Awamaki

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