Woven Bucket Bag


Ancestral Crafts

The Patacancha Valley is home to many indigenous villages that were settled centuries ago by Quechua people fleeing the conquest and the changes it brought. These villages are located at high altitude, in the stunning and dramatic Andean landscape. For centuries, the Quechua communities  lived at a distance from mainstream culture and economy in Peru.

Backstrap Weaving

In rural Peru, backstrap weaving is a practiced, traditional process that has been passed down for generations. Textiles woven using this technique are only as wide as the weaver’s hips, and the weaver uses the tension of her body to control the tension in the loom and textile. The backstrap loom is portable, and requires only two stakes to set up. Weavers often roll the stakes up with the loom and carry it around with them, weaving whenever it is convenient.

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Awamaki builds amazing travel experiences for independent and group travelers. Come experience traditional Andean life, connect with Quechua artisans, and participate in an immersive experience organized by the communities themselves.

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